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Wade Ambach, P.E.

Group Director at Denver


Wade joined Eclipse Engineering in 2021 and oversees the firm’s presence in Colorado as the Group Director of the Denver office. He has over a decade of experience in the construction industry throughout Canada and the United States.

His passion for engineering began as a child; reading books about the inner-workings of every day machines and taking apart his toys to understand their construction. His professional expertise includes construction management of pre-cast concrete, structural design utilizing Tilt-Up concrete, modular construction, structural steel, conventional wood framing, SIP wood framing, and masonry.

Wade is a member of the Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba and the Structural Engineers Association of Colorado. An avid hockey player and golfer, Wade and his wife enjoy the Rocky Mountain outdoors.

Fun Fact

I am currently in the process of getting my U.S. citizenship (Hopefully I’ll have it before the next big election cycle so I can vote!)

Stats & Quirks
Eclipser since

BS Civil Engineering, University of Manitoba 2012

United States: CO, Canada: AB, MB, ON, NS
Concrete and Steel
Favorite thing about Eclipse
The culture. Everyone is easy to get along with and there’s a high level of respect between all employees.
Favorite Noise/Sound
A baseball getting crushed into the stands!
A profession you’d like to try
Sports analytics, video game tester, gym owner. The non-realistic professions would be professional golfer, professional baseball coach, sports team owner.