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Sushil Shenoy, P.E.

Team Leader at Spokane, Washington

  • Sushil began his career with Eclipse Engineering in 2011, becoming a Principal in 2021. His defining attributes are his dedication to efficiency, process improvement, and creative adaptation, culminating in his ability to come up with inventive solutions to his client’s challenges.
  • Sushil’s areas of expertise include product development, specialty structural engineering and structural assessments.
  • Sushil is actively involved in the local chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers, sits on the Technical Seminar Committee, and serves as an adjunct professor at Gonzaga University. He loves the craft of building and in his spare time enjoys helping to build everything from dining tables to houses.
Fun Fact

Raising and watching my kids grow is the most incredible thing. They are absolutely hilarious and true joys to be with (most of the time).

Stats & Quirks
Eclipser since

BS Civil Engineering, Gonzaga University

MS Civil Engineering, Virginia Tech

P.E.: WA, TX, CA, NV, ID, NY, MT
Research and development, fabric structures, modular structures, forensics
Favorite thing about Eclipse
The people. Hands down. We have an awesome crew!
Favorite Noise/Sound
Open fire popping and cracking and falling snow
A profession you’d like to try
Computer Programmer or CIA
Favorite word
Tamasha [təˈmäSHə] – Hindi word that means “extreme ruckus”