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Robert VanCamp, P.E.

Team Leader at Bend, Oregon

  • Robert is a Principal and Project Manager in the Bend, Oregon office as well as a native Oregonian. He provides extensive experience in the design of gravity and lateral systems in wood-framed construction of both residential and commercial applications.
  • Robert also has experience with several “niche” market materials such as steel storage rack systems and climbing wall engineering; these experiences have allowed him to work on an array of projects with clients and project sites located across the United States and Canada.
  • Robert enjoys working on a variety of projects and materials as well as meeting new clients and working to develop creative solutions to meet individual project needs.
Fun Fact

In 2005, a friend and I, along with my future wife, painted our heads and faces orange for an Oregon State football game. Our picture was taken by OSU photographers, and our faces subsequently appeared on the season ticket stub background, which happened to occur on the exact day that my wife and I were married. A framed photo of the ticket stub now proudly hangs on our wall. Coincidentally, my orange face also appears on the EA Sports 2007 NCAA Football PlayStation game! I have yet to receive my first royalty check.

Stats & Quirks
Eclipser since

BS Civil Engineering, Oregon State University

P.E.: OR, CA, MT, WA, NV, AZ
Rock climbing walls, residential design, and rack/shelving engineering
Favorite thing about Eclipse
I can play ping pong literally every day. I also get to work with an incredibly diverse and talented group of engineers and staff members who all strive to make Eclipse a phun place to work.
Favorite Noise/Sound
Thunder. And the lightning. And falling snow.
A profession you’d like to try
Favorite word
Hot sauce. It brings tears to my eyes.