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Jamie Garcia, P.E.

Team Leader at Bend, Oregon

  •  As a principal and project manager, Jamie has been the chief liaison and team leader for several of Eclipse Engineering’s top clients. 
  • Jamie brings over 11 years of structural consulting experience and has been published in periodicals including STRUCTURE magazine.
  • She is known for her collaborative and thoughtful project management skillset which fosters and maintains strong relationships with clients and team members. She consults with owners, architects, design professionals, and general contractors for projects with varying in size and complexity.
  • Jaime is skilled in most types of architectural work and material types, and seeks out design challenges that call for an elevated level of thought and coordination.
  • She has an enthusiasm for wood design. Jamie’s childhood, spent in a Montana log home, cultivated a deep-rooted love for balance between nature and design.
  • Jamie leads our Eclipse’s mass timber team, which specializes in cross-laminated timber (CLT). Our team that has collaborated with public agencies, the private sector, and mass timber manufacturers to provide structural engineering services across the country. We can provide specialty engineering services, deferred submittal documents, rigging and erection design, and engineer-of-record consulting for mass timber design.
Fun Fact

I’m originally from Frenchtown, MT: the small town with no French people, French fries, or stoplights. I don’t remember riding on a highway with more than two lanes until we went to Spokane, Washington when I was a teenager.

I am not a particularly competitive person, but I am the reigning champ at a totally random pattern game called Tangoes.  I challenge you to beat me – best 3 out of 5?

Stats & Quirks
Eclipser since
2011; I interned for Eclipse back in 2008 in the Missoula office. Eclipse celebrated its 10-year anniversary that summer and I was just old enough to restock the fridge with beer.

BS Civil Engineering, Gonzaga University
MS Civil Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder

Mass timber, including cross-laminated timber (CLT), high-end residential
Favorite thing about Eclipse
The people at Eclipse make it feel like a family. We know how to work hard, play hard, and have ‘phun’ while doing it. I also find it incredibly rewarding to bring our clients’ vision to life through a creative and unique engineering approach.
Favorite Noise/Sound
All the sounds of being outside of the city – birds chirping, trees rustling, water bubbling in the stream...
A profession you’d like to try
House flipping