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Specialty Highlight: CLT/Mass Timber

Published by Kate Whittle, Marketing Coordinator on September 13, 2023

Mass timber and CLT is booming in popularity, and at Eclipse, we’re lucky enough to have a team of experienced engineers who’ve been innovating in this space for over 10 years! 

Across the commercial, residential and industrial sectors we are equipped to provide CLT and mass timber engineering design services including:

Engineer of Record

Deferred/Specialty engineering

Third-party plan review

Bracing and rigging engineering for construction

Mass Timber_CLT_17-05-247 Burn Residence_EXTERIOR

What sets us apart? Few engineering companies in the United States offer the experience, licensing, and industry connections to work on these projects as effectively as Eclipse. We are licensed in all 50 U.S. states and 8 Canadian provinces and territories.

We also take pride in our responsive, friendly services and consistently receive positive feedback for our customer service and willingness to adapt to challenges.

Jeremy Bitterman / JBSA

Project Spotlight: Octothorpe House

Eclipse served as Engineer of Record and specialty engineer for a unique one-story private home in Bend, Oregon with exposed roofs and walls constructed with CLT.

The distinctive home was dubbed “The Octothorpe House” in press coverage due to eight wings extending around a central courtyard, resembling a pound sign in aerial view. The CLT panels make up the gravity- and lateral-resisting systems. Mechanical heating and cooling systems were strategically placed in attic areas with inconspicuous venting through the CLT wall panels and all connections were hidden.

Project Spotlight: Brewery Lofts
Eclipse is proud to be Engineer of Record for this 70,000-square-foot multi-use building in Tacoma, Washington’s historic brewery district. The structure includes four stories of luxury apartments over three stories of commercial space for a total of seven stories.

The top-level flat roof features CLT planks on reclaimed Douglas fir timber beams supported by Douglas fir timber columns that bear on a similar system for four additional floors. At the time of completion in 2019, the structure was the second tallest occupiable wood building in the United States.

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