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Structurally Insulated Panels

Saving Time & Labor

Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) consist of expanded rigid insulation sandwiched between two structural plywood panels. SIPs are utilized for all building types in all varying climates providing cost savings in time and labor. The prefabricated panels increase energy efficiency and savings as well as provide structural support.

We rise to the challenge

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Eclipse Engineering can offer Engineer of Record building design as well as specialty SIPs engineer design.

Our process made easy

Personal connections

Personal connections

Our clients return to us again and again for our friendly, personal touch, in-depth knowledge and adaptability.

Design & Drafting

Design & Drafting

We’ll define the scope of the project and strive to ensure the plans meet your goals and adhere to local codes.



We’ll conduct site visits and check-ins during the construction process to ensure that our team delivers a quality product that meets design intent.

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“We’ve worked with a lot of different engineering firms and owners and the thing that impresses me most about Eclipse is their accessibility and responsiveness… They’re interested in figuring out how to solve this. Eclipse would be the best deal for value out there.”

Bear Barinowski

Project Manager, Malmquist Construction

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