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Prosser High School

An Educational project for Prosser, WA School District

About this project

Our team was well-equipped with years of experience in project flow and coordination to take on the entire 170,000-square-foot structural package for the brand-new high school in Prosser, Washington. Five engineers at Eclipse Engineering collaborated with Architects West to engineer the entire school structure.

The result is a three-story, state-of-the-art campus overlooking the football fields with two gyms, a greenhouse, shop areas and sports facilities.

Constructing such a tall, heavy structure on the site’s complicated slope required solid foundation elements and such structural solutions as seismic importance factor. The site was seismically isolated into three major areas with seismic gaps to allow differential movement between the areas due to different structural systems. We utilized details that allow for lateral deflection between structural elements while maintaining gravity support.

The materials used include precast/prestressed sandwich panels, an ideal choice for high-capacity structures; the panels are cast and cured off-site, leading to fast installation and a quieter construction site. Additionally, custom steel trusses and tension/compression rings provide support and longevity. The roof consists of open web steel joists and hollowcore panels in some areas, allowing for wiring and other mechanics. Special steel moment frames and steel brace frames are fully expressed in the library and auditorium.

The high school has been in use since 2021. Awards include the 2022 Outstanding Design Award By American School & University.

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