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Oregon City Equestrian Facility and Residence

A residential project for DC Structures

About this project

Eclipse Engineering provided detailed structural plans to DC Structures for this ambitious 36,300-square-foot project combining an equestrian facility on the first floor with a spacious 3-bedroom, 3-bath living space on the second floor above, view here. The homeowners provided a unique vision for this structure that combines top-knotch equestrian facilities with luxurious living.

The core of the structure consists of steel trusses and heavy timber framing supporting the arena and the living space, and the design required high-quality engineering to create multiple soaring, open spaces within one structure.

The 18,500-square-foot indoor training facility features 90-foot-span custom steel scissor trusses over the arena. Spacious six horse stalls open to a beautiful pasture. The second floor open-concept living space is a rustic-elegant home occupying an ample 5,000 square feet with spaces for working, cooking and relaxing. Features include a generous balcony and deck with scenic views.

Images courtesy DC Structures

Oregon City, OR



Square Feet

Steel, Heavy Timber




Mass Timber