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NinjaCross Systems Engineering

Fitness and adventure

NinjaCross designs innovative retractable obstacle courses to complement any lap pool, competition pool or waterpark, offering fun and lively fitness and competition so anyone can try out moves they’ve seen on the popular ninja warrior competition TV shows. Their clients include fitness, adaptive sports facilities, community recreation centers, waterparks, universities and YMCAs.

As NinjaCross explains it: From beginners to athletes, children to seniors, NINJACROSS™ is designed to engage members with catered programing, period. The system’s patented design mounts directly to the ceiling structure or can be deck-mounted, offering indoor and outdoor aquatic facilities a way to take advantage of  previously unusable overhead space. The system is an on-demand obstacle course delivering event-worthy competition and addictive strength training at the push of a button. Developed for aquatics facilities battling empty schedules and still waters, the system deploys in under 60 seconds to supplement profitable programming – from high-intensity, low-impact exercise to fan-driven competitive events.

Eclipse Engineering frequently partners with NinjaCross to provide expert structural analysis on each unique system to ensure the safety and longevity of these fun, creative fitness amenities.

Our structural analysis for these projects varies based on size and scope, but commonly includes stress analysis of cable loading and steel trusses for systems ranging from about 43 to 64 feet long.

We’ve collaborated on projects in locations including: Alabama, Colorado, Kansas, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, South Dakota, Texas,  Pennsylvania, British Columbia and even Australia!

Images courtesy NinjaCross: Visit them online to see more!

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