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Ping Pong Rules

Published by Kate Whittle, Marketing Coordinator on June 21, 2023

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A little game of ping-pong helps our engineers relax and refocus between hard work! Here are some important rules to know.


 * Regulation table is 9′ x 5′

 * Top is 30″ above the floor

 * Net is 6′ long; the upper edge is 6″ above the table surface

 * Bat/racquet/paddle is covered in rubber

 * Each side of the paddle must be different in color


 * Consists of the best of odd-numbered games

 * Winner is first to score 11 points (must win by 2 if 10-all)

 * Point is scored if:

        – the server fails to make a good service

        – either player fails to return successfully

        – a player commits a specified infraction

               ~ touches the playing surface with their free hand

               ~ returning the ball before it has bounced on your side

 * Service changes after every 2 points until 10-all, then every point

 * Serve

        – the ball is tossed from the palm of the free hand and struck on the way down

        – the first bounce is on the server’s side of the table, then over the net, and then bounces on

           the opponent’s side

        — DOUBLES – the serve must hit the opposite side diagonally

        – the server is on the right side of the table (doubles)

        – No finger spin may be used (banned in 1937)


 * A match should be completed in 15 minutes or less

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